The process of positioning consists of a number of measures aimed at achieving the highest possible position in search engines. .

Methods for evaluation of web pages by search engines

Search engines use sophisticated algorithms to match documents to user queries - not only count the number of occurrences of search words and key phrases on a page, but also analyze all aspects of the content of the page (or pages pointing to the page). They use a mechanism known from academic circles: the more often the article is quoted, the higher it is evaluated. Search engines rate web sites alike: the more websites point at the one the higher the website is rated. The algorithm treats a link from page A to page B as a vote given to the B by A. In addition, it analyzes the page with its links. Links from websites that are ranked high, are more important than lower ranked pages, and helps to increase assessed websites value..

More important pages receive for example higher values of parameter such as PageRank, which is then stored by Google. PageRank is a parameter that is used to create a ranking of pages returned by the search engine..

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We offer:

  1. analysis of the site and assist in the selection of keywords, the analysis of the structure and navigation on the website
  2. check the position in the search engines for specific keywords
  3. analysis of competition and phrases which the page is to be positioned on suggest keywords that are sought after the most by Internet users in a given subject
  4. suggest keywords that are sought after the most by Internet users in a given subject
  5. add a page for each search engine, both those in which the website will be positioned, as well as the less popular
  6. optimizing pages HTML code - the procedures are often cosmetic changes, and usually do not affect the general appearance of the page, but change the details that affect the position in the search engine
  7. the positioning of the keywords chosen by client - treatments that improve the position of the search results and makes website visible to Internet users
  8. reporting the results in the form of access to the statistics of the positioning - regular checking of position occupied by the page with individual keywords and presenting the results to the Client. This allows for evaluation of traffic growth and further development of the site

Effective positioning of the website.

We are a leading company in the field of positioning. Our customers enjoy the top locations on the list of leading search engines.

Positioning is the best source of advertising on the Internet, due to a search engine such as Google. What does it mean and why the position in the search is so important? Due to their popularity, a potential customer wanting to find proper content, products or services on the Internet, start a search right from such an search engines. That is why it is so important for the potential customer to findwhat he is searching for at our clients website in the first place.

The knowledge and experience that we have gained following over the years the development of the search engine Google, provides our customers with the most desired positions in the results of search engines for words or phrases closely related to their activities. This allows us to strengthen their market position and results in a clear increase in sales.

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